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Hacienda El Rodeo is located in Curití, Santander region, Colombia. The project started on 2011 by Alfonso Reyes and his son Cristian Reyes. As it was an abandoned farm, the project started from scratch, since that time they have been cultivating Arabica Coffee every year, nowadays they have sown 110 hectares and still remain other 35 to cultivate during the next 3 years, the total area of the farm is 170 hectares but they decided to keep 25 ha. for nature and wildlife conservation. The farm is at a height between 1.900 to 2.200 mamsl and grows the coffee under shade.

Region: Santander

Farm: Finca El Rodeo

Caficultor: Alfonso Reyes & his son Cristian Reyes

Variety: Castillo, Pink Borbon & Tabi

Height: 1.900-2.200 mamsl

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