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Jorge has been a producer for over 3 years, born in in vereda "La Armenia" where he currently has his farm and has been involved since he was 12 years old due to his fathers death. Jorge had the chance to study only 5 years due to the responsabilities he had to sustain his family and help his mother with the day to day labours on the farm. His farm is sorrounded by nature, waterfallls, and a unique variety of birds and also with a unique views and landscapes of the coffee mountains. It is located at 1.900 mamsl with an extension of 3 hectares of production, where he has focused on developing sustainable crops with as less as posible chemical additives to support the living fauna of his farm. Since 2019, Jorge Elias has been working with us, providing on of the best Pink Borbons we have ever tried, and he is always thriving for more!

Region: Gaitania

Farm: Hacienda La Roma

Caficultor: Elias

Variety: Yellow caturra, Pink Borbon & Gesha

Height: 1.900 mamsl


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